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Chip on Board (COB)

Chip on Board makes the electronics weigh less and take up less space. The new technology also opens up for improvements in quality as the increased complexibility of the components for instance can reduce the signal routing. A few companies have already successfully introduced Chip on Board. Many other companies seek knowledge about the technology, which is expected to become widespread in the years to come.

The course makes a good starting point for implementation of Chip on Board and for process optimisation in companies already using the technology. Among other things, there will be worked on die assembly on ceramic and glass/epoxy substrates and practical usage of conductive adhesives for bonding of SMD components.

The theoretical and practical exercises include:

  • Knowledge of components/type of components
  • Substrate materials (PCBs and ceramics)
  • Conductive and non-conductive adhesive
  • Application of adhesive (dispensing, pin transfer and screen printing)
  • Assembly of SMD
  • Die-bonding
  • Type of bonding wire
  • Wire-bonding
  • Coating
  • Requirements and standards (IPC, MIL etc.) and control methods (SPC etc.)
The course is designed for employees in the production, production technical department, department for development.

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Price per participant: DKK 3.900 including course materials, refreshments and lunch.

Please contact HYTEK for course dates
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