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Course application

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Choose production technical courses *

Wave soldering
Reflow soldering
Solder paste screen printing technology
Chip on Board (COB)
ESD - Establishment, control & documentation
Lead free soldering
Implementation of BGA & Flip Chip technology
Requirements for cleanliness of electronic products
Design for Manufacturability
Specification of PCB - Are you considering replacing PERFAG with IPC?
Specifications, requirements and audit of subcontractors according to IPC

Choose ESA certified courses *

Handsoldering certification (ECSS-Q-70-08)
Handsoldering recertification (ECSS-Q-70-08)
Inspector recertification
Surface mount technology
Surface mount technology recertification
Repair and modification
Repair and modification recertification

Choose IPC certified courses *

IPC-A-610 certification Specialist
IPC-A-610 recertification Specialist
IPC-A-610 certification Trainer
IPC-A-610 recertification Trainer
IPC-7711/7721 certification Specialist
IPC-7711/7721 recertification Specialist
IPC-7711/7721 certification Trainer
IPC-7711/7721 recertification Trainer
IPC-A-600 certification Specialist
IPC-A-600 recertification Specialist
IPC-A-600 certification Trainer
IPC-A-600 recertification Trainer
IPC J-STD-001 certification Specialist
IPC J-STD-001 recertification Specialist
IPC J-STD-001 certification Trainer
IPC J-STD-001 recertification Trainer
IPC WHMA-A-620 certification specialist
IPC WHMA-A-620 recertification specialist
IPC WHMA-A-620 certification trainer
IPC WHMA-A-620 recertification trainer
IPC-6012 certification Specialist
IPC PCB Designers Certification (IPC-2220 series - C.I.D. Basic Training Module)

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