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ESD - Establishment, control & documentation

NB! Including lead and lead-free process

Many companies invest a lot of money in equipment to ensure that the products are not destroyed by electrostatic discharges. Even so, it can be difficult to document that the problems are under control. With an ESD-program the company obtains a common specification for the effort so that the protection against static electricity becomes manageable and possible to document.

During the course the participants gain knowledge of how an ESD-program is established and documented according to the requirements of the European ESD standard DS/EN61340-5. The participants are also guided in the choice of protection to avoid spending unnecessary resources on purchasing unnecessary equipment.

Among other things the following will be focused on:

  • What can cause static electricity?
  • Definition of materials
  • ESD effect on components and sensitivity
  • Identification of ESD-related defects
  • Packaging and how to handle ESD sensitivity materials
  • Verification of ESD-protected areas
  • ESD standards, including DS/EN61340-5
  • Establish, documentation, maintenance and audit of a ESD-program
The course can with advantage be carried out for all employees as it can be adjusted to the problems in the individual company.

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Price per participant: DKK 3.650 including course materials, refreshments and lunch.

Please contact HYTEK for course dates
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