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Acceptability of printed boards - Certified IPC Specialist

For many years IPC-A-600 has been an internationally recognized workmanship specification which defines the level of quality for PCBs in all kinds of electronics. With the certification programme for acceptability of printed boards the manufacturers and users of PCBs are well equipped to accommodate the industry's high demands for quality no matter where in the world the customer or supplier is located.

After having passed a test an IPC Specialist certificate will be issued. The certificate is valid for two years.

The specification introduces the minimum requirements according to the IPC-6010 series, J-STD-003 etc.

Among other things the course focuses on inspections either of the surface of the PCB or by micro-sectioning:

  • Printed board product classifications and acceptance criteria
  • Base material surface and subsurface conditions, such as measling/crazing
  • Solder resist coverage over conductors and registration to lands
  • Conductor width and spacing, and annular ring requirements
  • Dielectric material criteria for etchback, voids, and resin recession
  • Plated-through hole requirements for copper plating thickness, voids, nodules and cracks
  • Acceptance criteria for flexible, rigid-flex, and metal core printed boards
The courses are designed for operators, constructors/designers, engineers in quality, and others who work with production of electronics and manufacturing of PCBs.

Price per participant: DKK 9.700 including course materials, refreshments and lunch.

Please contact HYTEK for course dates
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