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IPC J-STD-001 certification Specialist   ■   Last modified:

Requirements for solder joints and electronic assemblies

For companies who have already introduced IPC-A-610 as a specification for acceptability it is important to introduce the production technical specification IPC J-STD-001 as well. With this there will be a connexion between the requirements for the finished product and the production processes.

After having passed a test an IPC Specialist certificate will be issued. The certificate is valid for two years.

The courses go through the requirements of producing in accordance with J-STD-001.

Among other things there will be focused on the theoretical and practical elements in connection with:

  • General requirements, such as safety, tools and electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Wire and terminal assembly requirements, demonstrations and laboratory
  • Through hole technology requirements, demonstrations and laboratory
  • Surface mount technology requirements, demonstrations and laboratory
  • General soldered connection acceptance requirements
  • Machine and reflow soldering process requirements
  • Test methods and related standards
  • Using statistical process control methodology (SPC)
The courses are designed for operators, constructors/designers and engineers in quality who work with production of electronics.

Price per participant: DKK 12.000 including course materials, refreshments and lunch.

Please contact HYTEK for course dates
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