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Reflow soldering

NB! Including lead and lead free processes

The processes of reflow soldering are as defective as those of wave soldering. The only difference is that the defects of reflow are less visible. Laboratory analyses show that an incorrect handling of the soldering process and incorrectly set parametres cause many latent damages.

During the course there will be worked on optimising the production through process control and control of materials. Further more, the lead free reflow soldering process has become an integrated part of the course.

Among other things, the following will be focused on:

  • Type of equipment such as IR, Forced Convection, Vapour Phase etc.
  • PCB - Layout for Leaded and Lead Free
  • Type of Solder Paste - Leaded and Lead Free
  • Finish/Coating on solder pads such as Ni/Au, Sn and HAL
  • Type of Components, Moisture sensitivity (IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020) etc.
  • Temperature profile - Leaded and Lead Free
  • Lead Free Soldering - with and with out Nitrogen
  • Specially requirements for Laed Free Reflow soldering
  • Solderability and Solderability Test of PCB and Components
  • Contamination and Contamination Test
  • Shear Force and Shear Test
  • SPC and Control charts
  • Laboratory Test and evaluation of materials
  • Requirements for quality according to IPC and other specifications
The course is designed for employees in the production, Production Technical department and department for development.


Price per participant: DKK 6.700 including course materials, refreshments and lunch.

Please contact HYTEK for course dates
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