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IPC-6012 Specialist certification

If you are on the lookout for PCB knowledge that will develop your understanding for designing, specifying, producing and inspecting PCBs - this is the certification you need.

The IPC-6012 ”Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards” includes and defines production and quality requirements for producing rigid PCBs.

The specialist certification is extensive, and it is based on IPC-6012 as well as on the approval standard IPC-A-600. The contents of the certification can be seen here:

IPC-6012 covers requirements for:

  • Qualification and manufacturing of rigid PCB
    • Single- or double-sided PCBs with or without plated through holes
    • Multi-layer PCBs with or without blind / buried vias
    • Metal core PCBs
  • PCB laminate materials
  • Conductors / traces
  • Holes / via connections
  • Surface protection finishes (i.e., ENiG, OSP, HASL, ENEPiG)
    • Solderability
  • Quality assurance
    • Electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements
    • Thermal stress of PCBs
    • Tests for approval
    • Sample based inspection

This certification can be a significant support for designers, production, quality, procurement, and executive staff, PCB-manufacturers, PCB suppliers, and everyone who performs inspection or generates specifications for PCBs.


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