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Basic wave soldering

In order to ensure reliable solder joints and long lifetime of wave soldered components, it is important that the operator understands the wave soldering process and the consequence of e.g. using low quality PCB’s, components, contaminated solder or incorrect machine parameters.

The course is a mix between theory and practice and the participants will be working with machine settings, cleaning and maintenance of a wave soldering machine as well as quality inspection of soldered assemblies.  

The course will, among other subjects, be focusing on these main topics:

  • Solderability on PCB’s/components
  • Solder metals, lead-free and lead-containing
  • Flux
  • The wave soldering process - including:
    • Basic machine settings
    • Soldering frames
    • Selective soldering with pallets
    • Cleaning
    • Maintenance
    • Basic process control with glass plate and "fluxometer"
  • Cleanliness of the PCB after soldering
  • Basic process management
  • Quality assessment according to IPC-A-610

The course is aimed at production employees who need to perform the wave soldering process at a basic level.


DKK 6,700.00

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17. Sep. 2024 - 18. Sep. 2024
11. Mar. 2025 - 12. Mar. 2025
2. Sep. 2025 - 3. Dec. 2025
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