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IPC-7711/7721 Specialist certification

It is well known that rework and repair performed on electronic assemblies can cause latent defects, increasing risk of periodic product field failures. This problem can be reduced if these tasks are performed by qualified and certified personnel.

An IPC Specialist certificate is issued upon completion of practical and theoretical tests. The certificate is valid for two years.

The following items will be theoretically and practically reviewed during the certification:

  • Product classification, required skill level, tools and materials
  • Basic removal methods for surface and hole mount components
  • Mounting and soldering surface and through hole components
  • Solder land preparation and component placement
  • Primary heating methods, such as conductive and convection heating
  • Procedures for reworking chip and MELF component types
  • Procedures for reworking SOIC / SOT and QFP component types
  • Wire splicing procedures
  • Circuit and laminate repair
  • Removal and repair of conformal coating

The rework certifications are specifically aimed at operators, production engineers, quality assurance engineers etc. who need knowledge on how to identify and utilize the optimal procedures for reworking electronic products to the required quality level.

There are no formal prerequisites, but good soldering skills are required for course participants.


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4. Nov. 2024 - 8. Nov. 2024 Eng
31. Mar. 2025 - 4. Apr. 2025
3. Nov. 2025 - 7. Nov. 2025 Eng
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