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Box building according to IPC-A-630

Box building is a combination of PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies), cable/wire harnesses and other electronic/mechanical components, which when assembled form a functional unit.

The course is a mix between theory and practice. Participants will be working with process requirements for materials and assembly. Content of the course is based on IPC-A-630 and IPC-HDBK-630.

The course will, among other subjects, be focusing on these main topics:

  • Design considerations for box building
  • Processes for metal/non-metal materials
  • Processes for composite materials
  • Materials
    • Choice of materials
    • Surface finish
  • Joining techniques
    • In general
      • Choosing the correct tools
    • Welding
      • Choosing the welding method
    • Soldering
      • Choosing the soldering method
    • Riveting
      • Choosing rivets and method
    • Screws
      • Choosing screws and method
        • Tightening torque
        • Practical assignment with screw assembly
    • Conductive bonding
      • Choice of glue and method
  • Cable and wire harness assemblies
    • Choosing connectors
    • Choosing wires
    • Installing the wire harness
    • Choosing the correct tools
  • Verification and validation
    • Standards
    • Methods

The course is aimed at production employees working with box building, people from the engineering department as well as designers.


DKK 6,700.00

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11. Sep. 2024 - 12. Sep. 2024
24. Sep. 2025 - 25. Sep. 2025
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