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ESD for coordinators and other ESD managers

This ESD course is based on both EN61340-5-1 and ANSI ESD S20.20-2014

As this ESD course is aimed at ESD coordinators and the like, a lot of practical work has been included on request from our customers. The participants get the opportunity to create an audit plan for a production area themselves and subsequently carry out the relevant measurements.

Many companies invest in expensive equipment to ensure that their products are not damaged by electrostatic charges. Even so, it can be difficult to document that the problem is under control. However, with an ESD program, the company obtains a common standard to guide the effort, so the protection against static electricity becomes manageable and documentable.

HYTEK can tailor the course based on the individual company, if the course is held for your company only. 

The course will, among other subjects, be focusing on these main topics:

  • Causes of static electricity
  • Materials that develop ESD
  • Effect of ESD on ESD sensitive components
  • Identification of ESD related defects
  • Packaging and handling techniques
  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining an EPA area
  • Development of an audit plan
  • Carrying out practical and necessary ESD measurements according to the audit plan

The course is aimed at anyone who handles ESD sensitive components in production.


DKK 6,700.00

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4. Dec. 2024 - 5. Dec. 2024
13. May. 2025 - 14. May. 2025
3. Dec. 2025 - 4. Dec. 2025
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