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Implementation of robots in the electronics industry

Robots are gaining ground in the industry, creating growth and new jobs on a scale that leaves companies not using robots lagging behind

Source: Ugebrevet A4

How long do you dare to wait?

Robots in the electronics industry have gradually become an everyday thing we have to get used to. We see a great interest in the possibilities that the new, individual, flexible and cheaper robots can bring to the Danish electronics industry.

With easier programming, the robots can get to work in the production faster. They can be changed/reprogrammed more quickly, which makes flexible production of small batches possible. As the robots are no longer a huge investment, implementing robots is now economically feasible for more companies. 

The course will, among other subjects, be focusing on these main topics:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Robots today
  • Automation
  • Why implement robots?
  • Productivity considerations
  • Robot types
    • Articulated
    • Parallel
    • SCARA
    • Cartesian
    • Cobots Collaborative
  • Gripper systems
  • Robot vision
  • Economic benefits
  • Safety assessment
  • How do we get started?
  • Where can we use robots?
  • The future

The course is aimed at employees working in production, engineering and design departments.


DKK 3,900.00

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