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Implementation of BGA & Flip Chip technology   ■   Last modified:

Implementation of BGA & Flip Chip technology

Some companies have already started working with BGA, Flip Chip or similar package as the technology causes the components to take up less space. Other companies are unsure about the initial steps, among other things because the hidden solder connections make visual inspection difficult.

During the course the participants obtain useful knowledge of the new technology in preparation for the introduction of the technologies into the production.

Among other things the following will be focused on:

  • Chip technologies such as BGA, µBGA, CSP, Flip Chip and Bare Dies
  • Handling, storage, ESD and moisture sensitivity
  • PCB laminates (CTE and Tg)
  • PCB build up, vias and type of defects
  • Solderpaste application and assembly technologies
  • Reflow soldering, test and control
  • Soldering and de-soldering
  • Cleaning technologies
  • Components defects
  • Material and process defects
  • Quality requirements for sub contractors
  • Type of Workmanship standard
The course is designed for employees in the production, production technical department and department for development.


Price per participant: DKK 3.900 including course materials, refreshments and lunch.

Please contact HYTEK for course dates
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