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Auditing of subcontractors according to IPC

Course participants will learn about issues essential for managing and auditing subcontractors, sourcing new suppliers and which IPC standards could be relevant for these tasks.

The electronics industry uses various subcontractors including PCB suppliers, component suppliers and equipment suppliers and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) companies. The current level of globalization in the manufacturing industry, elevates demands towards supplier agreements in order to achieve the expected quality. This requires your organization to either make the correct requirements yourselves or define the requirements according to the relevant IPC standards.

On this course the participants will gain knowledge about essential issues that need to be considered in order to achieve the expected quality, as well as what to be aware of in an audit. The standards IPC-A-600, the IPC-6010 Series, IPC-A-610, IPC J-STD-001, EN61340-5-1 etc. are used as a basis for the course.

Course content:

  • Definition of quality requirements
  • Classification of quality requirements
  • Standards
  • IPC
  • IEC
  • DS/EN
  • Adaptation of standards to own needs and requirements
  • Requirements for suppliers/subcontractors
  • Components (RoHS, ESD, MSL, etc.)
  • PCB (RoHS etc.)
  • Terminations (cables and connectors)
  • Equipment (calibration etc.)
  • Staff (level of education, etc.)
  • Assembly (EMS)
  • Traceability
  • Auditing in general (methods, systematics, reporting and follow-up)
  • Auditing of processes (SMT, HMT, PCB, etc.)


DKK 3,900.00

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11. Oct. 2024
10. Oct. 2025
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